"We Can Help You Bounce Back Better Than Ever"

Like so many organisations with newly dispersed workforces you need to keep your people informed, engaged and connected.  Caring about their wellbeing. Letting them carry on sharing their views and ideas. Recognising and celebrating their achievements. Keeping your culture authentic and healthy.

We have a trusted and proven social collaboration platform that can do all this for you – bespoke to your business and up and running in under two weeks.

No fuss, no IT knowledge, no people training needed. 

The feedback from users and the levels of engagement with the platform are testimony to Woodreed’s success. In my experience they have raised the benchmark for supplier delivery, always exceeding my expectations in terms of their proactive attitude and their ability to deliver.”  Ed Hickin, Manager of Sales Operations, Citroën UK

All the hard work is done for you

Here's what your tool delivers

  • A channel for regular and relevant internal communication across the business – where important news and formal and informal updates can be shared, a dynamic, 3-way dialogue among leadership, managers, team leaders and the wider workforce plus peer-to-peer
  • A workspace where teams or cross functional groups can interact and share their progress – encouraging collaboration and innovation
  • A place where leadership can be visible and authentic and seen to ‘walk the walk’ (Enabler 1)
  • A home to celebrate successes on an organisation, team and individual level – people and their managers recognise each other and share milestones (Enabler 2)
  • A forum to share and encourage ideas and showcase best practice (Enabler 3)
  • A safe space for respectful, open and transparent discussion and feedback (Enabler 3)
  • A showcase for organisational values and purpose to be demonstrated, reinforced and made real (Enabler 4)

Helping you apply all 4 Enablers of Engagement identified by Engage for Success

Water cooler empty

How can you create human interactions rather than Zoom zombies? 

The platform helps you replicate the informal, water cooler moments that can spark creativity and innovation.

And, in these times of uncertainty, it allows leaders to stay on top of the rumour mill and answer questions, honestly and transparently.


Engage your workforce wherever they are

A versatile cloud-based tool accessible from desktop, smartphone or tablet – your workforce engage wherever they are working, through a familiar, intuitive user interface.

The platform is modular so we simply rebrand the site with your chosen name and branding.

It means we can set up fast, inside 2 weeks – no training, no IT-implementation, no coding, nothing from scratch, yet still able to adapt to your business needs and evolve as your business needs evolve.


Target content

Simple to use content management system allows content creators to quickly and easily upload and target content 

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Quick and easy

It’s quick and easy to create engaging and relevant content pages plus activities, quizzes, surveys, events

medal 2


The recognition feature can be used by leaders and peers so you can continue to create your culture of recognition

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Close and personal

Everyone has their own profile to personalise which creates an open, visible and transparent culture


Playing the game

Gamification principles are at play which encourage competition and support engagement

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Measurable results

Rich management information gives you the real data and measurement you need, not just opinions

Employee voice heard from any device, anywhere

Community ‘forum’ status updates, content, quizzes and surveys can be targeted to specific audiences with full social, community and collaboration functionality.

Follow/unfollow threads, like, comment, emoji.

Attach jpegs, PNG, video, PDF, PPT, Word attachments to posts.

Which all adds up to better audience engagement - content is relevant to them, and their own responses and posts use familiar and intuitive tools. 

Your audience can engage fast and easily from any device, anywhere.


User engagement +80%

Proven to deliver above industry-average results when it comes to user-engagement

“I liked it so much, I bought the company!”

I first came across the platform when GE healthcare came on Engage for Success radio and talked to me about the amazing success they’d had with it implementing and creating employee engagement for a new global values programme. I researched it and knew that it was something my clients in the UK could really use. Over the following years the Woodreed team worked with our partners in Sweden to develop the platform to what it is today and used it to great effect with clients such as Peugeot, Citroen, DS Automobiles, Smith and Nephew, Volkswagen Financial Services. We even used it to deliver our own ground-breaking internal comms service to MottMacDonald, Jaguar Land Rover and Engage for Success.

We’ve seen the power of the platform from all sides – users, content creators, brand owners. In the wake of COVID-19 and the challenges businesses are facing to build back their workplaces, often with a new hybrid model, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to acquire the platform. I jumped at the chance. I believe it offers a solution which clients and their people alike will love and which will play a major role in building the successful new workplaces of the future - wherever they may be.

Jo Moffatt, Woodreed MD